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Tuesday, 21 September 2010
Every day, I meet and get e-mails from people who are trying to take the next step in their lives.   Some want to start their own business, some want a promotion, still others want a more fulfilling life with their families. I give everyone the same advice – you have to ask to get what you want!
I strongly believe that I have gotten to where I am by directly asking people for what I want – whether it is a speaking engagement, a business negotiation, or a reference. The following are some tips to help you ask for what you want!
Be Direct
The #1 rule here is realizing that no one is going to know what you want unless you tell them! Many feel that they are giving up too much in a negotiation by telling people what they want upfront – however, my experience has been that it is best to get what both parties want out on the table, then work together to see how everyone’s needs can be met! So many people out there expect for the other person to be a mind reader – trust me, the only thing going through their mind is what they want and how they are going to get it!
Highlight the Benefits
A key part of asking for what you want is to highlight to the other party how it will benefit them. Remember, everyone is tuned to WII-FM – What’s In It For Me! If you are asking for a promotion, let them know how you feel the company will benefit; if you are asking for someone’s business, be sure to highlight how your product will benefit them more than your competitor’s. 
Keep It Short
Most people don’t have the time or attention span to listen to a roundabout explanation of what you want from them. In 30 seconds or less, let them know what you want, how it will benefit them, and how to close the deal. They will appreciate it!
Finally, remember that some people will say no – it’s just a fact of life. Don’t take it personally, learn what you can from it, and move on! Good luck and let me know how this works for you!
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Tuesday, 07 September 2010
A little known fact about the audition process for “The Apprentice” is that each prospective finalist is flown to L.A. and endures a thorough psychological evaluation to see if they would be a good “fit” for television. After a several-hundred question form, they claimed it would be able to tell me EVERYTHING about my life and the kind of person I was.
Needless to say I was excited. After taking the test, I was taken into a room by a psychologist and told several things about my life – that my husband was a scientist, that I had two children, that I was an independent entrepreneur – you name it. What intrigued me most was the final evaluation – my ideal job. I was told that because I never break, frazzle, crumble or crack under pressure no matter what the situation, my ideal job would be a fighter pilot.
Obviously I was surprised. This was not at all what I expected. However, I knew that this information would come in handy some day, so I internalized it and put it in my back pocket as my “Trump Card”.
At the finale where I had to appear live in front of 41 million viewers, I was able to pull out this “Trump Card” and know that there was no way that I could ever crack under pressure – I knew that I would go out there and shine.
Everyone should have something in their lives that they know they can rely on in high-stress situations – their own “Trump Card”. Maybe you are a great presenter, or have killer project management skills, or are a technical whiz – whatever it is, take that skill, know you have it, and hone it as often as possible. Look at me – I’m out there every day doing the #1 thing that most Americans fear – public speaking!
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